Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think this should spread around- by Jivan Wells

In which direction the river flows would be dependent upon which way the wind is blowing would it not?

Never thought of that, and I am just trying to ‘look into’ the concept. And from where I am standing, the river may be flowing one way and it is only going the other because of the wind, not necessarily ‘flowing’ in the direction of the wind, but being forced in a direction from that which is its natural flow … I have a feeling this is all leading up to something profound!

Dearest human … BEING …human!! Has it not been spoken of numerously regarding allowing ones thoughts and actions to ‘go with the flow’? Is there not a saying ‘Let go and let God?’ And yet … how often is there the struggle continuing forth between the mind and the heart? How often is it that one’s declaration of independence fights against the inward battle to follow the fold? Throughout ages you have been blissfully unaware that there was anything to be aware of … therefore what you did not know did not hurt you … Or so you may have thought … And yet now, is it not so that as one is awakening to all the things that they did not know and now do, that there seems to be confrontation within the soulself, wondering that which is of Truth and that which is not? You are finding the self having to investigate innumerable findings and discoveries that perhaps may clash with that which one has known as a solid fact since they were indoctrinated with that fact at the earliest age. To be able to free oneself from these facts … can sometimes bring the discovery of the ‘fiction’ on any given subject, to a degree of potential outrage. To have stories that have been ‘flawed’ with dishonour and make believe can leave the soul in a place of not knowing anything at all, yet understanding that they know so much more than they did before. Is it not being discovered that what has been treated as ‘fairy story’ and ‘myth telling’ is far more recognisable as the Truth than those stories that were designated to stand as Truth in a world that is fraught with lies?

I have to say, that when I look back to the beliefs I was raised on as a catholic, I can connect with very little of those Truths and at the time was indeed punished … if I should dare to question … Oh if the nuns could see me now!!!!

In this New World will all these untruths vanish? Will the children of tomorrow KNOW only of ‘what is’? I would imagine this would be the case as we are leaving all the rubbish behind aren’t we?

Behind what?

Behind US!

This is within the Divine plan. And we can see from the Light emitting from your planet that this is all very much in alignment with that plan. And yet may we ask of you a question?

Certainly …

If it was to be that suddenly we disappeared from your life, if it were that we no longer communicated with you, how would you feel about that?

Oh… just drop that in why don’t you??? Is this a hypothetical question?

We are first looking for your answer.

Ok … let me have a little think about it … Without doubt I would feel a sadness, for I have enjoyed the journey with you very much , although it’s had its moments!! And really, I simply cannot imagine not ‘talking’ to you anyway … in my head … via my heart. You will just always be there. The more I think about it … the more I realise that you can never go away … because you are so very much in my heart … so even if you were not here to write these words and communicate as we do in this particular way , I would never feel like I had lost you … because although unseen, you are felt … in the deepest part of my soul. Quite interesting, as the question you have just asked, has never crossed my mind, therefore I have never had to think about how I would feel if you were not there …. And all this is leading to ….?

To pointing out to others that do not have this communication that you, Blossom, have with us, that we are very much as you have said, in EVERYONES hearts. We are part of you. We are a part of each other for we are all ONE. We have spoken of this so many times, but we are trying to assist you in grasping this ONENESS concept in a way that you have not yet mastered. That KNOWING that we are always there whether ‘words’ are spoken or not, is the connection that we all have … which each other … for we are there within your very soul … AS YOU … part of YOU. Part of us, each particle of energy that WE are … is the same ‘make up’ of energy that are in the particles that make up you. Do you see? That is how we are all part of the same thing. That is why you feel the connectedness, because when we say we are OF you … WE ARE! WE ARE NOT SOMEONE/THING DIFFERENT. We are IN your heart because we are OF your heart … how then could we ever go away? In the same way that those that have left your planet in their earthly physical form have not left YOU for they are part of you , and when you FEEL their energy around you and in your heart you are simply ‘picking up’ on that part of YOUR energy that is also THEIR part of you. Are we making sense?

Yes. It is helping me to get this ONENESS concept. For although I KNOW we are all from the same energy, sometimes our separated fragments seem so very much THAT … Separated!! So then … Those that think you are a figment of my imagination , those that refuse to wake up and smell the roses, how can they not FEEL your LOVE if you are a part of them? How can they be SO fast asleep, especially as we keep being told that WE ALL volunteered to be here at this time and WE ALL were chosen? Well, my question to you is… if they are refusing to wake up, with all respect … what benefit are they to this whole Ascension process? Because surely whilst ‘putting out’ the energy of disbelief regarding your existence, why would they be chosen to help down here? Because they don’t seem to be helping much at all. Please know here I am not judging ... I am just curious.

We completely accept your question and we would say that again you are coming from the earthy aspect of the question .

Because … perhaps … I am on it!!!

And therefore not able to understand things in the Truth of which they are presented when not of earth. Our answer to you would be that those who are still sleeping are doing so because they have been in stillness. It is a bit like an injection which would make one become catatonic. Yes there is freedom of choice, but there is also strength of mind. Many of you are awakening ‘out of this sleep’.
We are putting into your head the ‘fairy story’ of ‘sleeping beauty’ and all around in her kingdom, were drugged for a hundred years. This so called ‘fairy story’ is not so far from the Truth, in a way that we can explain in your terms. And it is only when the drug wears off fully that one is able to grasp the full picture of what has actually taken place.

The awakening, dearest souls, is happening. The drug, so to speak, is wearing off, and one by one, souls are returning to their former selves … their former lives. They are remembering who they are and where they came from … as they awake out of this deepened slumber. And yet … it depends on the ‘constitution’ of the individual as to how quickly or slowly their emergence transpires.

There’s that word again, it’s becoming a natural part of our vocabulary.

So you see , there can be no blame , there is no judgment on those who refuse to wake , for it is instilled within them, and it is the drug that has taken its hold more firmly with some than others … if we may put it that way.

Describe for me this drug in another way if you would be so kind?

A bottle neck.

Yep thanks …that explains it all nicely!!! A bottle neck???? Please!!!!

We were presenting you with an image of many souls in a bottle and the long thin neck had these souls squashed together trying to squeeze out of the top. You were put in a bottle and the cork pressed firmly down. You were suppressed and suffocated, and yet now you are rebelling. You have become the ‘bubbles’ that when shaken, FORCE the cork from its anchor and explode with Light. More and more of you are releasing yourselves from this stance, from this ‘deathly’ position.

Rather a strong word for you?

And yet an appropriate one. For when you once again ‘come to life’ you will see that we are correct in our choosing of wording.

I know it is time to go soon, but this ‘coming to life’ is one of those things that feels so near and yet so far. I feel like I am on the brink of the discovery of the NEW ME and the NEW WORLD … and yet every day seems just another day on the brink!!!

And we say to you that one day … without any doubt in your hearts you will KNOW that you have moved into this NEW WORLD of which we speak and that the NEW YOU is now comfortably awake and living life in the brightest of forms as it was so designed. This we promise … this we KNOW.

Okey dokey. I’ll take your word for it… For they are words that I have grown to trust.

Mmm … let me now read this back … and discover what this one was all about …. It seems so long ago that I started!! Looking forward to a good cup of tea!! Thank you… as always … and that is not a flippant thank you … it is True and heartfelt.

As is our devotion to all upon your earth and to the cause!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There is much in the way of confrontation in your world today.

There is much in the way of confrontation in your world today.SaLuSa 24-March-2010
 It brings about hatred and the seeking of revenge, in a never-ending circle that seems to have been with you from time immemorial. However much time passes, the energies remain to foment war or acts of attrition or terrorism. The negative energies could be transmuted, but are often added to by those who will not release them. Dear Ones, Man has lived by the sword for far too long, and in attempting to kill off his “enemies” has created the very conditions that have perpetuated the deep rooted hatred that fuels wars. It is time to acknowledge the Oneness of the Human Race, and realize that their journeys are leading to the same goal. It is therefore far better to go forward as one group helping each other, instead of creating the separation that stifles progress towards a united civilization.

Only love will completely dissolve the negative energies, and you have to find a way of bringing people together. Forgiveness would be a wonderful step towards putting all differences into the past, allowing for new Mankind to emerge in readiness for Ascension. Every soul has had a multitude of experiences through many, many lives, and all have a purpose that affects every soul through your mass consciousness. If forgiveness is to have a chance of bringing peace, your present time is a perfect opportunity to put it into practice. It is so because you are now grasping the fact that it is you who create your reality, and will only bring about Oneness through love and forgiveness. Tear up your history books that glorify war, and instead re-write it as the greatest waste of human life and resources that could ever be imagined. Understand that what you do to one you do to all, and realize that an act of love adds to the mass consciousness to which you all contribute. Multiply it by thousands of times, and it exponentially increases the Light upon Earth, and the negative energies lose their power.

So often you ask “what can I do to evolve” and the answer is so simple, by being the love that you are and expressing it in all you do. You have unlimited love, and the more you release it to others the more the Source will replenish it. It is the good old Universal Law of Attraction at work and many of you are successful in this way, as you understand the principle behind it. Now you are bound to wonder how it benefits you, and it is of course the path to raising your vibrations. This takes you onto your Ascension path, and the further you travel along it the more you will shed the lower vibrations. In the giving you become the receiver of abundance and will never want again. God provides and brings Man together, yet Man divides and ignores his Divinity.

If you work at lifting yourself up you are also helping others, then greater Beings than Man that dwell in the higher realms will serve the Human Race. At your lower level you cannot achieve Ascension entirely by yourself, and higher energies are continually being beamed to Earth to maintain a steady upliftment. It is a great occasion that you are so privileged to be a part of, and one that will prove to be the most enlightening experience of your time in duality. It is as you might say the icing on the cake, and a most satisfactory way to complete your experience in this cycle. You will leave a much greater soul than when you first started your journey.

If we told you that you were doing fine in establishing the Light upon Earth it would be an understatement, as you are achieving levels that at one time were unthinkable. Yet through all of your experiences you have stuck to your determination to bring in changes, and restore the Kingdom of Light upon Earth. Now you are about to see the fruits of your hard work, as the energy levels are reaching a point where your vision of the future must commence to manifest. Oh yes, it moves around behind the scenes, and simply waits that final spurt forward to come out into the open. Many of our allies are briefed and ready to move into action, and the outcome will open many hearts and eyes that have been closed to the truth. You must change track soon and that will quickly put duality behind you. Memories of past experiences will be replaced by pleasant ones that will fulfill your visions of the future. The joy of working together for a common cause, will uplift Mankind along with the Earth and will be most exhilarating and rewarding.

Life is already something of a fairy story, and as real as it seems it is not your true reality, but it will however have a happy ending. Yet looking into the future it really does sound like one, as the changes are so far reaching as to be unbelievable. There will be such a vast difference that it will truly seem magical and out of this world, which is exactly what it is. You have not experienced constant peace and happiness such as you will find, and to live in the constant glow and warmth of the higher energies will be sheer delight. Can you imagine not having anymore of the worries that plague your daily life on Earth. No more concerns about money, your health or your needs to enable a pleasant and fulfilling life. Ample time to follow your personal pursuits regardless of what they are, and the benefit of help from those who have already traveled ahead of you. You will find that all souls are only too willing to help another succeed. For example an artist could have his favorite painter give lessons to him/her, and how to work more with the mind. You will be able to project your thoughts onto the ether, without the need of paint brushes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation is prepared for its newest member to take its place in it. As a civilization you are not quite ready yet but by the time the last few years pass by, the upliftment in your consciousness will entitle you to stand alongside us. Part of our mission is to find civilizations much like yours, that are on the verge of ascending and help them succeed. Once it is achieved the celebrations commence, as it is a great occasion to welcome souls back to the higher realms. There is absolutely no doubt about your ability to successfully come through this period. All will become clearer in a relatively short time, and then your efforts can be directed in such a way as to bring you all together, in the Love and Light that is descending upon Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What are we (Humans) to them (Aliens)...An imaginary comparison!

Watch the UFO in the painting.

From time to time we hear the news in media that at some place a UFO was sighted! These types of experiences give rise to the possibilities of existence of extraterrestrial intelligent organisms (ET) from another planet or solar system or from beyond the galaxy. Let me give an imaginary comparison between a foreigner’s visits to the remotest part of India were people are out of touch of civilization and have never had an encounter with modern marvels of technology.
Suppose our galaxy is at the farthest end of the universe and our civilization and technology is as primitive compared to the civilization of a remote village in India were there are no roads, no proper houses and people live in caves. Suddenly a small Helicopter lands in the village as they are searching for a remote area of India to shoot a video for “National Geography”. The door of the helicopter opens and the people see a white man wearing jeans pant and a cotton shirt, having a GPS in hand to note his location arrives; what would be the first reaction of the people who live in the caves? They will run here and there to take shelter that some type of disaster has struck and demons from hell have come to attack them. They hide and peak, they tremble with fear, some are brave enough to stay right there were they are but try to keep distant to protect themselves.
The guy’s from the chopper move around with cameras and there lighting equipments and decide were to shoot their video. The people of the village of the cave men still hide and observe their whereabouts but they don’t have an idea of the alien beings they look similar to them but they are different in culture and technology.
Like this similarly when the UFOs hover around our Earth we are confused that what they are and for what purpose they are here. It may be possible that they are here to show there world that there is a primitive civilization beyond the universe which is still developing. So when looking at the sky we should think of them as researchers and not attackers because if they had to attack our planet they would have done it earlier, but still be cautious.
If any one has any such encounter issues, I think I could help them with an explanation!
Tuhin Kumar Dutta