Sunday, March 14, 2010

What are we (Humans) to them (Aliens)...An imaginary comparison!

Watch the UFO in the painting.

From time to time we hear the news in media that at some place a UFO was sighted! These types of experiences give rise to the possibilities of existence of extraterrestrial intelligent organisms (ET) from another planet or solar system or from beyond the galaxy. Let me give an imaginary comparison between a foreigner’s visits to the remotest part of India were people are out of touch of civilization and have never had an encounter with modern marvels of technology.
Suppose our galaxy is at the farthest end of the universe and our civilization and technology is as primitive compared to the civilization of a remote village in India were there are no roads, no proper houses and people live in caves. Suddenly a small Helicopter lands in the village as they are searching for a remote area of India to shoot a video for “National Geography”. The door of the helicopter opens and the people see a white man wearing jeans pant and a cotton shirt, having a GPS in hand to note his location arrives; what would be the first reaction of the people who live in the caves? They will run here and there to take shelter that some type of disaster has struck and demons from hell have come to attack them. They hide and peak, they tremble with fear, some are brave enough to stay right there were they are but try to keep distant to protect themselves.
The guy’s from the chopper move around with cameras and there lighting equipments and decide were to shoot their video. The people of the village of the cave men still hide and observe their whereabouts but they don’t have an idea of the alien beings they look similar to them but they are different in culture and technology.
Like this similarly when the UFOs hover around our Earth we are confused that what they are and for what purpose they are here. It may be possible that they are here to show there world that there is a primitive civilization beyond the universe which is still developing. So when looking at the sky we should think of them as researchers and not attackers because if they had to attack our planet they would have done it earlier, but still be cautious.
If any one has any such encounter issues, I think I could help them with an explanation!
Tuhin Kumar Dutta

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