Saturday, November 28, 2009


A million years ago what our ancestors saw when “Gods” landed first on Earth. They ran away here and there in horror for what they saw were really “Aliens” of big height .But describing them they added the human touch and human looks to the “Aliens” and called them “Gods” and “Demons”. Demons because some of them were hostile and killed the “Humans” and they were fighting their “War” on Earth. This has been beautifully portrayed in the Film of Transformers- Revenge of the fallen.


Sometimes imagination reveals the inner truth!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fictionalized Real Facts .

Was there “Transformers” (NBE) on Mars?

This is a report from a site and I am adding some pictures from the Movie “Transformer”.

In the summer of 1997, NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory successfully landed a surface probe on Mars. The probe, called Pathfinder, did not transmit for the first couple of days.

Most people believe the failure stemmed from technical difficulties. The truth is that NASA may have been receiving transmissions the entire time, but didn’t want us to know what they found.

After the July 6 discovery of "Monolith 2," a rock fragment believed to contain evidence of extra-terrestrial microbes, NASA constructed a subterfuge to suppress clear evidence of extra-terrestrial life, extraterrestrial monitoring of the Pathfinder Mission, and possibly the origins of life.

The events that followed during the next few weeks may have constituted the biggest cover-up up of all time. I can’t prove it, but government agents may have tampered with this report.

NASA officials will claim this site is a hoax. Politicians and educators will also. You have to judge whether the information in this web site is real or imagined.

Pathfinder Story Capsules

Does Martian Monolith Point to Origins of Life?

On July 10, 1997, Pathfinder discovered the rock designated “Monolith 2,” a replica of the meteorite ALH84001 which NASA scientists believe may prove the existence of life on MARS.

Did Area 51 Hush Up the JPL?

National Security Agency officials believed to be based at Area 51 in Nevada (NSAa51)reportedly took control of the Pathfinder mission and began to digitally alter the appearance of Martian photographs as soon as transmissions began. (updated July 20)

The Independence Day Scenario

On July 14 a strange shadow passed over Sojourner. Finding no natural or meteorological explanation for the shadow, NASA scientists began to look for other signs of an alien presence on Mars.

Footprints on Mars

Pathfinder photographs of what appear to be footprints, and additional signs of a spacecraft landing on the Mars surface reinforce NASA's suspicion that our own probe is being probed.

Viking's Famous Face Reappears

NASA wants to call it "Soufflé," but the first rock Sojourner found on its own this week bears an eerie resemblance to the infamous structure in the Cydonia region. (July 27)

Messages to Other World

Pathfinder detects encoded radio signals being sent from the surface of Mars. As JPL scientists scramble to follow up on the signals they confirm the Galileo space probe findings of life on Europa. (August 9, 1997)

Can Mars Unlock the Mysteries of Life?

Scientists studying spectral analysis of Monolith 2 on Mars and the 4 billion year old meteorite ALH84001,stumbled onto what may be the proto molecule that willunlock the secrets to the origins of life. August 18, 1997

Researchers find Biblical Connections

Scientists, mathematicians and linguists discover the entire Pathfinder mission, cover up and all, was predicted in Genesis three thousand years ago. Not only did this new, conspiracy code predict the Pathfinder cover up, but other conspiracies and cover ups as well. Seprtmber 1, 1997.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Experience with "War & Death" Part 2

What happens in "War" and what happens when you are against an "Alien" army which has dark powers and your  own powers are limited - You Loose.

Yes, our soldiers could not stand too long and lost and got killed one by one. Then the dicision was taken that we would fight the war on the moon of our planet and use our planetary out post, the enemy was approaching us. I asked my father, that i am ready to volunter to the moon and you go and save the others on the planet and if we are saved we will take our "Starships" to another friendly planet. He agreed. I with some of my men and women soldiers and my wufe went for the fight.
The Dark Lord had, his planes and he surrounded us and soon all of my men fell to the ground of the moon only i and my wife was left and we we also surronded by the enemy.
I then challenged the Dark Lord for a dual and he agreed, but he was not honest, he promised to let me and my people go if i won.
The fight started with "Light Sabers" like the one you saw in "Star Wars" and there he played his trick when he felt that i was going to win, he ordered one of his soldiers to kill my wife and they did the same, i saw her armor split and blood pour out and  this made me weak and that gave the Dark Lord the chance to Stab me from behind and i saw the Black dark sword with a skull , which he had hidden on his back come out splitting my armor from my chest and i felt the sharp pain and in front of my eyes was my wifes body falling down and me too falling to the ground.
While leaving us two half dead the "Dark Lord" said your world is gone forever, and next is Earth by holding my head into his grasp . I saw myself comming out , and the pain was over and my soul flew towards a planet with great speed and the other souls i saw flying and among them was the soul of my wife.
Leaving behind a dead planet the souls traveled to "Earth" as we know "Next is Earth"

The End or The Begining you Decide!?

The Experience with "War & Death"Part 1

Many pictures of "War and Death" come in my mind and these reflect my past life as a soldier who fought for juctice for his people and his planet.
This is a story which is unbelievable for any normal human being as i have no proof to prove my past life.
you have read "flashback" my previous post now read this!
After a Royal Wedding we, i.e. we were planning our future of our future life as we shared our happiness with the people of our nation by giving them-the prople, with gifts.
We were looking at the clear sky and suddenly the sky was covered with a deadly darkness and my Mom had a feeling of intution that some danger was comming , same was felt by my wife and my Dad order us all to be prepared for what was comming . My wife, Priencess said a dark force was approaching our planet from the deep extreams of the space . They invade planets and end their resourcess and move on to the next leaving behind death and destruction. These picture are to give you an idea what i saw and what was comming.

Our planets existence was questionable as we had info that the "Invaders" completely anilated the life on a planet and made the "Lava" flow out of the "Core" of the planet, as  it was their food and they survived in extreme heat.
We got prepared for the defensive action to save our planet. Evacuted the people from the cities and hide them in Bunkers.
The "Army "was ready and we were ready with our advanced ships and wepons. The powered armors were ready, yeh we had "Ironman" and "Ironwomen" suits for our forces. We were brave and ready of anything, each one of us.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mr. Inferno! art in a disaster.

Looking at the picture of the fire at Jaipur . I had a pen in my hand and soon i started to draw lines on the different shades of the fire and this created  and revealed a "Face" i named it Mr. Inferno.

The 3 Angels

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flash Back of my Life.

Flash backs are some times weird as in my case I have experienced many of them, among these is one below.
It was a different Galaxy far-far away from Earth. In a different solar system; a planet, with life. Technology was very much advanced. Society was free from all evils which are present on Earth. No Wars, no fights, no theft, no murders, no exploitation, & above all no greed for money. People were civilized and they cared the importance of life and the harmony with nature. They new if natural balance was to be disturbed, they would have to face the consequences of disasters. The people used to work for there satisfaction and not for money and wealth gains. People lived united in apartments called “HIVES” like Bee’s. They used to work together as Bee’s work.
They had a Government System of “King’s Reign”. The King was the Supreme Commander of the people but he would have to follow the rules framed by a council of Judges and according to consultation of the Judges he would rule. It had efficient Governance System and Security Forces only looked after illegal Intrusions from other Planets. They used to catch those who broke the law and send them to there Moon’s Correction Center were there brains were reformatted and they were transformed from “evil to good” in short.
I was the Son of that King and was under training of the Judges, as they used to teach different trades from Science to Astrology & from Warfare to a Public Dealing. As I was undergoing training & before completion I was told that I have to pass a test, I have to travel to a planet nearby were a competitions of Warriors was going on but nobody told me for what it was. I traveled to that planets with my fellow students of my academy and entered the competition’s Arena. There were greater fighters than me but they were loosing from one fighter who was all covered from head to foot with armor. The fighter was all covered in white and was bravely fighting continuously with a fighter who was bigger and stronger but soon was defeated. Announcement was made that is there any one left to fight that great warrior who stood there waiting for another battle. My friends pushed forward and I switched my wrist pad and I was also covered by my armor from head to foot. I drew my light saber out and so did my opponent and again the fight begun. During we were blowing heavy blows on each other of our light sabers I saw the eye’s of my opponent and suddenly I was for some moments in a state blackout, but suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left hand, under my left shoulder. I was little bit touched by my opponent’s saber and my left hand started to bleed with blood. I recollected my attention and made a blow on the handle of my opponent’s saber and half of it flew away from the hand. People around stood up. My opponent moved back and pressed the button on the right hand and removed the body armor. In front of me I saw a Young, Beautiful Girl. At first sight I feel in love with her or I was to fall in love. I also did the same. She smiled at me as if she was congratulating me for my victory and the people around gave a heavy applause and stood in respect of the Judges who were approaching towards the central arena. Suddenly she saw my bleeding hand and approached me, quickly she opened her backpack and took out her medical kit and bandaged my hand. She said she was sorry for hurting me. I said in reply hat every thing is fair in love and war and this wound will heal up soon but the other wound will not. She understood what I meant with those words. While she was bandaging my hand her hand was covered by my blood and she unknowingly smeared it between her forehead hairs as “Hindu” women do in and after marriage.
The Judges declared that I was the winner of the contest and I have been chosen to be the would-be husband of their Princes. Suddenly a Saint Like figure appeared in front of all the Judges and he declared that it was the Gods will to unite the great souls of heaven in matrimony as they were prophesized to be. They are the Eternal Couples who get born again and again, and time to time to save the people they feel each others pain and sacrifice their lives to save the people. They know each other from ages but still are for some time rediscover themselves. This is their destiny to Love and be loved by one another. They are boundless of time and matter they are one so let’s stand in respect of the newly wedded couple.
I was shocked by those words and asked my friends and her, with whom I fell in love. Suddenly among the people my father appeared, he explained that the princes and I were prophesized to be married. She stood there with her head down in shame and respect. I approached her and took her hand in my hand and said I believe in their words, still I need your agreement for this marriage - do you agree too! She said, yes I does. Then I finally made a promise to her that in future even though she forgets me & unknowingly hurts me I would have no complains or obligations against her. Even though I would be far from you but I will always support her and be by her side, I would protect her from all troubles! Then she told me that she was a Witch and she knew that I would make such promise.
Then my Father told me that my mother was also from this planet and was a witch, a student and a teacher from the same Academy. My mother was the best student of her times and she took care of my father when he was hurt in a War against an Evil force. Then he married my mother and made her his queen. The Princes was also taught by my mother and she was the best too. My mother new it all and was waiting for her son and daughter-in-law at the palace at my planet. Then we took leave after all the legal formalities of marriage and proceeded towards our home planet unknowing that soon we would face War. She embraced me with Eye’s full of tears as she was happy and sad together the same time as if she new something would separate us again.

I do hope people may learn a lesson, that to live in Harmony with Nature is important and above all it is important to understand the true meaning of love.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Resemblance centuries apart.

We are Centuries apart but we resemble each other He was a King and i am still nothing, He was King Tutankhamun of Egypt who at a early age ruled over people and i have nothing to rule but i want to rule over the hearts of people.He was of the 18 Dynasty and i was born on 18 March 1980.
Tutankhamun was nine years old when he became pharaoh and reigned for approximately ten years. In historical terms, Tutankhamun's significance stems from his rejection of the radical religious innovations introduced by his predecessor Akhenaten]and that his tomb in the Valley of the Kings was discovered by Carter almost completely intact — the most complete Ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found. As Tutankhamun began his reign at such an early age, his vizier and eventual successor Ay was probably making most of the important political decisions during Tutankhamun's reign.
Tutankhamun was one of the few kings worshiped as a god and honored with a cult-like following in his own lifetime.A stela discovered at Karnak and dedicated to Amun-Re and Tutankhamun indicates that the king could be appealed to in his deified state for forgiveness and to free the petitioner from an ailment caused by wrongdoing. Temples of his cult were also built as far away as in Kawa and Faras in Nubia. The title of the sister of the Viceroy of Kush included a reference to the deified king indicative of the universality of his cult.He was slight of build, and was roughly 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall.
I am 5 ft 7 in almost.
Me, still have a history to make by saving lives, joining worlds creating peace amongst the human race. I have a lot to do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bollywood movie = Hollywood movie

Bollywood movie = Hollywood movie



Amitabh Bachan (Jinni) =Optimus Prime (Autobots)

Sanjay Dutt (Ring Master) =Megatron (Decepticons)

Ritesh Deshmukh (Aladin) =Shaila Bouf (Sam)

The storyline is the same but the treatment is according to the audience as the audience in India is very much near to fantasy than science fiction.