Sunday, November 1, 2009

Experience with "War & Death" Part 2

What happens in "War" and what happens when you are against an "Alien" army which has dark powers and your  own powers are limited - You Loose.

Yes, our soldiers could not stand too long and lost and got killed one by one. Then the dicision was taken that we would fight the war on the moon of our planet and use our planetary out post, the enemy was approaching us. I asked my father, that i am ready to volunter to the moon and you go and save the others on the planet and if we are saved we will take our "Starships" to another friendly planet. He agreed. I with some of my men and women soldiers and my wufe went for the fight.
The Dark Lord had, his planes and he surrounded us and soon all of my men fell to the ground of the moon only i and my wife was left and we we also surronded by the enemy.
I then challenged the Dark Lord for a dual and he agreed, but he was not honest, he promised to let me and my people go if i won.
The fight started with "Light Sabers" like the one you saw in "Star Wars" and there he played his trick when he felt that i was going to win, he ordered one of his soldiers to kill my wife and they did the same, i saw her armor split and blood pour out and  this made me weak and that gave the Dark Lord the chance to Stab me from behind and i saw the Black dark sword with a skull , which he had hidden on his back come out splitting my armor from my chest and i felt the sharp pain and in front of my eyes was my wifes body falling down and me too falling to the ground.
While leaving us two half dead the "Dark Lord" said your world is gone forever, and next is Earth by holding my head into his grasp . I saw myself comming out , and the pain was over and my soul flew towards a planet with great speed and the other souls i saw flying and among them was the soul of my wife.
Leaving behind a dead planet the souls traveled to "Earth" as we know "Next is Earth"

The End or The Begining you Decide!?

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