Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fictionalized Real Facts .

Was there “Transformers” (NBE) on Mars?

This is a report from a site and I am adding some pictures from the Movie “Transformer”.

In the summer of 1997, NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory successfully landed a surface probe on Mars. The probe, called Pathfinder, did not transmit for the first couple of days.

Most people believe the failure stemmed from technical difficulties. The truth is that NASA may have been receiving transmissions the entire time, but didn’t want us to know what they found.

After the July 6 discovery of "Monolith 2," a rock fragment believed to contain evidence of extra-terrestrial microbes, NASA constructed a subterfuge to suppress clear evidence of extra-terrestrial life, extraterrestrial monitoring of the Pathfinder Mission, and possibly the origins of life.

The events that followed during the next few weeks may have constituted the biggest cover-up up of all time. I can’t prove it, but government agents may have tampered with this report.

NASA officials will claim this site is a hoax. Politicians and educators will also. You have to judge whether the information in this web site is real or imagined.

Pathfinder Story Capsules

Does Martian Monolith Point to Origins of Life?

On July 10, 1997, Pathfinder discovered the rock designated “Monolith 2,” a replica of the meteorite ALH84001 which NASA scientists believe may prove the existence of life on MARS.

Did Area 51 Hush Up the JPL?

National Security Agency officials believed to be based at Area 51 in Nevada (NSAa51)reportedly took control of the Pathfinder mission and began to digitally alter the appearance of Martian photographs as soon as transmissions began. (updated July 20)

The Independence Day Scenario

On July 14 a strange shadow passed over Sojourner. Finding no natural or meteorological explanation for the shadow, NASA scientists began to look for other signs of an alien presence on Mars.

Footprints on Mars

Pathfinder photographs of what appear to be footprints, and additional signs of a spacecraft landing on the Mars surface reinforce NASA's suspicion that our own probe is being probed.

Viking's Famous Face Reappears

NASA wants to call it "Soufflé," but the first rock Sojourner found on its own this week bears an eerie resemblance to the infamous structure in the Cydonia region. (July 27)

Messages to Other World

Pathfinder detects encoded radio signals being sent from the surface of Mars. As JPL scientists scramble to follow up on the signals they confirm the Galileo space probe findings of life on Europa. (August 9, 1997)

Can Mars Unlock the Mysteries of Life?

Scientists studying spectral analysis of Monolith 2 on Mars and the 4 billion year old meteorite ALH84001,stumbled onto what may be the proto molecule that willunlock the secrets to the origins of life. August 18, 1997

Researchers find Biblical Connections

Scientists, mathematicians and linguists discover the entire Pathfinder mission, cover up and all, was predicted in Genesis three thousand years ago. Not only did this new, conspiracy code predict the Pathfinder cover up, but other conspiracies and cover ups as well. Seprtmber 1, 1997.

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